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Insect mould -  Bee mould-, Cicada mould- Fly Silicone cupcake Mould - Ellam Sugarcraft Moulds For Fondant Or Chocolate

Insects, Bee, Cicada, Fly, Silicone Mould

SKU: M203

 Insects Mould


Measuring approx: Fly 22mm x 14mm, Cicada 26mm x 15mm, Bees 27 x 37,  37 x 50

Produced in food grade, FDA compliant silicone.They can withstand temperatures from -50C to +200C so can be frozen or safely used in the oven. The moulds are flexible, durable and non stick for easy item release, and come with instructions for sugarcraft use. For more intricate or delicate moulds we recommend placing the filled mould in the freezer for 15 minutes prior to de moulding. As with any new culinary tool we recommend the mould is washed prior to and between uses, using normal washing liquid in water. The moulds can also be used with non food modelling materials,however we recommend you keep non-food use and food use moulds separate and don't use for food once they have been used for non food materials. The painted moulded piece is for reference only and not included in the purchase.

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